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truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii

Treci inapoi la OZN-uri, alea macar prezinta ceva inters. Iata niste noutati despre fermioni, tot particule subatomice, asa cum sunt si fotonii si tahionii: Extraterrestrial UFOs use fermions connecting 3-D Physical Universe to the 5-D Hyperspace to tap the electromagnetic truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii fields India Daily Technology Team Aug.

The strength of electromagnetic field used is so high that scientists wondered what was the technology behind such endless and high intensity electromagnetic force fields in these space modules. Now scientists are getting early indication of what is behind these advanced alien ships in obtaining the electromagnetic force fields.

The Physical Universe is connected with the underlying Hyperspace by some sparsely distributed particle size small windows called Fermions. These Fermions literally connect our universe with the 5-D Hyperspace. The suction from the Hyperspace through the Fermions create the gravity and the electromagnetic force fields. The Fermions exist in 5-D and hence are virtual in 3-D space of our physical Universe. The extraterrestrial UFOs can easily detect these Fermions since the alien space ships are also real in 5-D Hyperspace and virtual in 3-D space.

They use the Fermions to tap the suction from the Hyperspace and divert the electromagnetic force fields towards its propagation, navigation, stealth and armor engines. This really provides the extraterrestrial UFOs the endless source of electromagnetic force fields of immense intensity.

truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii

Some space agencies have tried using super-cooled superconductors to create the electromagnetic force fields but got baffled at the result. Now it is clear to the scientists that the main source of electromagnetic energy is not the superconductor but the Fermions that overlap the Physical Universe and Hyperspace and connect the two through billions and billions of microscopic openings.

truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii

The extraterrestrial flight patterns show that the UFOs maintain steady flight navigation and propagation. They can accelerate and decelerate in a manner as if an endless electric motor with source energy supply is connected to them.

What really happens is that the Fermions are distributed all over the Universe in trillions and the UFOs can connect to them all the time.

The mechanism works like cell phone or mobile phone technologies. One set of Fermions hand over the control to next set of Fermions as the UFO propagate and navigate forward in a 3-D space of the physical universe.

In remote areas, cell phone companies install something called micro cells that act as relay mechanism. The extraterrestrial UFOs install artificial Fermions in areas where natural Fermions are not available.

All Rights Reserved. Missing antimatter at the time of big bang formed the small windows fermions connecting our 3-D physical universe to the 5-D Hyperspace India Daily Technology Team Aug. Why is there only matter left around? Why didn''t all the matter and antimatter meet up and annihilate, leaving a universe without matter? As a matter of fact, shortly after the big bang, most of the matter and antimatter did annihilate, but one in a billion particles survived and that became the galaxies, the universe, and us as we know it now.

Still why even one in billion particles survived if there were equal matter and antimatter?

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The answer lies at least partially in an effect called charge parity CP violation that indicates matter and antimatter decay differently.

But still that does not provide the whole answer why some matter were left behind and the antimatter are all gone!

Particle physicists are baffled to answer that question. In experiments conducted at the particle colliders scientists were able to partially determine the differences in decay between elementary particles and antiparticles.

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But the degree of CP violation determined by these experiments—and others—fails to account for the entire matter-antimatter imbalance in the universe. Scientists now are finding clues to the entire matter-antimatter imbalance in the universe.

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What really happened is that during the big bang some antimatter formed the small windows fermions linking the 3-D Physical Universe with the 5-D Hyperspace. These fermions, balckholes and the neutron stars linking our physical universe 3-D Space with the 5-D Hyperspace provide the necessary openings through which the Hyperspace provides suction.

This suction from Hyperspace is known as gravity and electromagnetic fields all around the physical Universe. Some anti-meter formed the fermions or less than a particle size windows interfacing the Physical Universe and the Hyperspace.

That created a matter-antimatter imbalance in the universe. As a result some matter survived and formed the galaxies, stars, planets and so on. At the big bang the matter-antimatter imbalance and the resulting nature of matter present in a universe actually determines its dimensions. Particle accelerators collide nuclei of matter to create virtual matter of 5-D Hyperspace forming the foundation of our Universe India Daily Technology Team Aug.

Particle Accelerators all around the world are colliding nuclei of materials at The result is something that is a real breakthrough. When gold nuclei accelerate to more than The particle physicists are surprised to see that a lot less scattering is taking place than expected. As a matter of fact, these particle accelerators are creating some virtual particles of subatomic levels that belong to the 5-D Hyperspace. Terrestrial particle detectors using 3-D space just cannot detect these strange subatomic particles because they really belong to the 5-D Hyperspace.

At low energies, a nucleus behaves something like a clump of hard wax pellets. Slam two into each other, and particles shoot in all directions. By studying jets of particles spraying from the sides of these collisions, physicists can figure out what took place during the collision. The distribution of fast-moving particles is lower than one would predict.

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There seem to be fewer high-energy particles coming off the sides of the collisions than expected. Terrestrial particle accelerators are breaking the barrier of 3-D space Physical Universe and the 5-D Hyperspace. It is the first ever glimpse of the Hyperspace. The particle physicists may have done something they never expected. If particle accelerators can create virtual Zero Point Energy ZPE particles that belong to the Hyperspace, most likely, these particle accelerators while smashing matter against truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii other are opening up some local doors to the Hyperspace.

Otherwise the virtual matter in 3-D cannot escape into the 5-D Hyperspace.

truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii

Technical think tanks believe soon these particle accelerators will be able to smash nuclei of atoms in large numbers so that a wormhole can be created and stabilized in 3-D space.

The question at that point will be how long can we keep the wormhole opening in the 3-D space if they really belong to the virtual world of 5-D Hyperspace.

It is in that Hyperspace where the super advanced alien civilization prospers. Every intelligent civilization in all Universes try to get out of their Universe and prosper in a colony in the Hyperspace before their Universe collapses after spatial collision with another Universe giving rise to another big-bang.

A very few intelligent civilizations have ever made it to the Hyperspace.

truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii

Those who did soon find that it does not make any sense to colonize the Hyperspace because all the life forms in all Universes really consists of Zero Point Energy Modules ZPEM and they all belong to the Hyperspace anyway. Some very few advanced alien civilizations have made it to the Hyperspace. Those who have to make a trip to our earth from another universe or even light years away from truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii galaxy must come through a wormhole from the Hyperspace.

In other words, if we do not find any intelligent life forms within 10 to 50 light years from probability very littlethe UFOs we see come through wormholes from the Hyperspace. The UFOs come from advanced alien civilization that has colonized the Hyperspace. The alien civilization in the Hyperspace are so advanced that they have adapted to the 5-D quantum vacuum and are able to live in that environment.

We cannot detect directly virtual photons of the ZPE; they are not inside the same space as our detectors, or ourselves and we can detect them only for fractions of seconds when crossing our 3-dimensional space before disappearing again in hyperspace. For the same reason, we cannot detect and observe an UFO for long from 3-D perspective of space spatial. That makes UFO phenomenon suspicious. But they all exist — just a fact — they are so advanced that we just cannot see them with certainty and clarity.

The situation is similar to why an ancient tribe will not be able to see incoming aircrafts like we do truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii radar.

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Just because theses ancient tribes do not have radar does not mean the incoming aircrafts do not exist. That may be the reason why our age old radio receivers can never hear them.

However, being at a higher dimension they can observe us very well. If ever they communicate us or visit us, they will have to transform themselves into 3-D space unless we ever catch up to them to break into the 5-D Hyperspace. This chilled Da echilibrul subțire is really infinite and is never destroyed or recycled. Now scientists have started believing that the chilled universe contains infinite numbers of Hyperspaces that range from 5-D to infinite number of dimensions.

The Chilled Universe is the ultimate example of advanced space-time infrastructure. Time is literally frozen here. Quantum waves or any energy fields are missing.

The ZPE — zero point energy modules that have elevated themselves to a particular level thrives here. The energy modules in the Chilled Universe transform themselves into a chilled version of energy, which cannot be called energy modules any more.

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They are more of entities that thrive well below zero Kelvin with the help of quantum spin or quantum rotation, quantum waves and zero point radiation in a very stealth fashion.

The Chilled Universe controls and governs all the activities of the Hyperspaces and truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii Universes. The Chilled Universe works with the help of Z-wave — a stealth wave that is unknown to science in the physical universe. It is not a quantum wave, neither is it associated with any energy fields or electromagnetism.

The z-wave is the controlling factor that controls the suction activities in the Hyperspace that in turn controls the gravity and electromagnetic fields in the Physical Universe of ours. The Hyperspaces contained by the Chilled Universe is also created and destroyed by unknown forces of the Chilled Universe.

truvision pierdere greutate clienți recenzii