Thalgo slimming wrap

This healing treatment tenderly targets the spine, muscles, joints, blood vessels, along with the nervous system. This is followed by a back massage and the placement of volcanic stones along the spine, ending with a general relaxation massage.

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Body massage - 85 minutes 55 Euro SABAI MASSAGEAchieve complete relaxation and a fully energized body through a complex massage combining oils rich in zinc and copper thalgo slimming wrap the healing power of warm granite stones positioned from extremities towards the center of the body along the main energy centers.

Various conditions such as sinusitis, rhinitis, insomnia or anxiety can be treated through this technique.

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The therapist will wrap your body in natures precious black velvet: the Techirghiol saprogenic mud. Body massage - 20 minutes 16 Euro Enjoy relaxation therapies using essential oils, saprogenic mud or hot stones that melt away any trace of stress or tension.

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These ancient therapies help the body regain its natural balance. Rezultatul este detensionarea ntregului corp. Massaging thalgo slimming wrap affected areas with fat-burning lotions and oils improves the skins suppleness and improves its elasticity, while also improving blood circulation.

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The effects are eased muscles and a fully relaxed body. This therapy delivers excellent results in relieving headaches, fatigue, insomnia through highly skilled tension-relieving techniques. Massage of the head, neck and shoulders 25 minutes 17 Euro LAVA SHELLS MASSAGEThis unique stress relieving experience makes use of organic self-heating, lava-filled shells that are streamed along the body in silky movements, melting away any muscle contraction and tension, reducing anxiety and wrapping the body in a soothing, warm feeling.

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Scald - i trupul n izvoare limpezi de frumusee i suplee. Las - te cucerit de alchimia ingedientelor active ale algelor marine, ale aurului i diamantelor, produselor organice, purttoare de efecte puternic anti - oxidante i de tonifiere.

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This combination has a triple action: local slimming, firmness and reduction of orange peel look, leaving the skin soft and silky through excellent hydration.