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The reason being is your are sculpting the areas, such as your arms, shoulders and back while you are doing cardio so you are doing calorie burning moves at the same time, so you can get rid of bingo wings, bat wings and that back fat bra bulge.

So if you want to lose weight from your arms then try this 4 minute workout.

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And, most often, we focus on workouts that target our abs, thighs, and buttocks. But we forget one important body part: our back.

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There, we said it. However, we do know that there are parts of your body, namely your tummy, that you feel you'd like to work on. The biggest reason people who aren't overweight don't have tight tummies is that their ab muscles are weak.

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In other words, ab muscles are like a girdle made of wimpy fabric instead of industrial-strength fibres. This real time 6 minute workout is designed for PCOS and the Menopause as the exercises that I have selected help to rebalance your hormones and this will help with weight loss. Exercises will help you to create the perfect body in 1 month!!!

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Fitness Challenge below makes your dream come true!!!